1 March 2019

Based on the entry-level Porsche 718 Cayman, the Cayman T is aimed at the keenest sports car drivers. It gets no more power, but several key mechanical upgrades to the chassis.

Is this the Cayman to have? Autocar's Dan Prosser travelled to Andalusia in Spain to find out. 


Porsche 718 Cayman T 2019 review

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Porsche Cayman GT4 to use naturally aspirated flat-six

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jer 2 March 2019

Reckon you're spot on Boris.

Clattery engine is just not right.

Boris9119 5 March 2019


Spot on jer, if Porsche had not just offered the Cayman with a 6cyl n/a and was not about to offer it again (GT4) then some allowance could be made for the 4cyl turbo. But it cannot. This is not the enthusiats version Porsche's marketing department wants us to believe it is, neither is it the 'value' option being touted in this article. The last GT4 was absolutely the 'bargain' version, and the enthusiats version, and unless Porsche overprices this years GT4 nothing will have changed. It will be interesting to see how Porsche arrests GT4 sales; they acknowledge the demand, they have the capacity to meet that demand, do they artificially limit production or do they overprice it to reign in demand? It will be interesting so see. The unthinkable is that they agree to satisfy demand for a 'GT' product and risk diluting the 'myth'?

Boris9119 1 March 2019

Not Convinced

Really not that convinced that these are the 'value' being touted. Certainly the market did not think so with the Carrera T, and I think this represents even less 'value'. Porsche will deliberately supply the market with way less GT4's than orders later this year and the dealerships will attempt to steer disappointed customers into this?

DW04 4 March 2019

absolutely agree

absolutely agree

david RS 1 March 2019

They should make noble

They should make noble engines than marketing.