11 December 2018

BMW has sold more than 15 million examples of the 3 Series since the car’s 1975 introduction. It is both talisman and bread and butter for the brand, and it's now entering a seventh full model generation.

The new G20 version, on sale in the UK in March 2019, will come with a familiar choice of engines & trims. Watch our video review for impressions of the big-selling 320d on the road and of the range-topping M340i xDrive on track at Portimão.


BMW 3 Series 320d Sport 2019 review

New BMW 3 Series launched with renewed driver focus

BMW 3 Series M340i 2019 prototype review

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oop north 12 December 2018

Those deals

I really hate those non-round electronic dials, especially with a backwards rev counter. Ghastly

Peter Cavellini 12 December 2018

Magnificent seven!

 Yep, this Car looks set to rule the mediums size premium sector again, yes,I know some of you have had bad times with a BMW, but, there’s no denying it’s a popular choice, you only have to do a Car count as you drive along to see how many are on the Road, having had experience of two three series I can honestly say they’ve been reliable, enjoyable to drive, my current Car is a 17’plate two litre Petrol and I’d say it’s Engine is better than the 2010’plate I ran in terms of how it puts its power down,it almost feels like your driving a 2.5litre, it returns 42,43 mpg which I’m happy with, and so far nothing has failed , fallen off,and there are no suspicious rattles, if this seventh gen is the same, it’s business as usual....