27 November 2015

We were very impressed with Honda's new Civic Type R when we tested it on the road earlier this year, but the racing version has also been making waves in the British Touring Car Championship this year. We caught up with Honda Yuasa Racing's Matt Neal at Silverstone for a drive in the Civic Type R race car.

While the road car isn't left wanting for power with 306bhp, the BTCC racer has a massive 370bhp available from just 3000rpm. Matt Prior straps in for a drive.

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Peter Cavellini 5 December 2015

trouble is..........

There are other cars on the track,when your racing,and,they also will have new,awesome kit too!,fair?
winniethewoo 27 November 2015

At least all the stickers

At least all the stickers disguise the ugliness somewhat.
Leslie Brook 27 November 2015


I really hate it when people refer to a car as an awesome bit of kit