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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Prices for the V90 T6 Recharge R-Design start at £55,305, and move up to £56,155 for the more luxurious Inscription. That might seem like a hefty wedge to private buyers who won’t necessarily benefit from a potential sub-50g/km CO2 rating, particularly when the excellent, newly facelifted BMW 530d M Sport Touring starts at £56,835.

However, for those who are after a plush estate for business use, the V90 does make a stronger case for itself. With the potential to achieve a benefit-in-kind rating of just 10%, those buyers will pay considerably less company car tax than if they opted for the diesel BMW, which can quite easily slot into the 36% tax bracket. That said, a plug-in hybrid 530e Touring M Sport with a 10% tax rating is due to arrive in November and is currently priced from £56,575.

V90 is competitive against PHEV rivals in terms of residual values, but none performs particularly strongly

Audi also makes the petrol-electric Audi A6 eTFSI, although at present there’s no added-practicality Avant version. All three models are capable of travelling similar distances on electricity alone, so personal badge preference will play a big role come upgrade time. For what it’s worth, though, the V90 was suitably frugal once its battery had been drained: under motorway touring test conditions, it managed 41.9mpg.

Our 40.0mpg test economy isn’t necessarily representative of the V90 at its best, largely because it spent more time on the track and on the motorway than cruising around town on electricity. Keep its battery charged, though, and over short hops this figure will rise considerably.

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