From £36,0407
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The Touareg is no longer the value proposition it once was and in base SEL trim costs £51,595 – some £6000 more than before.

There is, however, rather more on offer now, particularly in technological terms, and it’s also worth mentioning that some dealerships are offering a £3000 deposit contribution on R-Line models bought using a personal contract plan (PCP).

CAP expects the Touareg to have a relatively tough time on the used market but far from a disastrous one

Nevertheless, our range-topping R-Line Tech test car is forecast to retain less of its value after three years than the comparable Q7 and XC90 models. At 44% after three years and 36,000 miles, it’s no disgrace, but the fact that both rivals cost within the price of a couple of modest options of the Touareg should give prospective buyers pause for thought.

If you’re planning on using the car’s off-road potential or towing, and cover fewer than 10,000 miles annually, VW recommends fixed servicing intervals. The majority of owners will drive their Touareg almost entirely on the road, and for greater mileage, the Flexible Service regime is suggested, whereby the various sensors establish whether a service is required and alert the driver via the on-board computer.

The Touareg comes with VW’s three-year/60,000-mile mechanical warranty and one year’s European breakdown cover.