You won’t be shocked to read that you'll pay a bit of a premium for the Volkswagen Polo BlueGT.

Fast superminis with almost 20 per cent more power are available for more than £1000 less outlay – and from brands much more likely to give you a discount than your VW dealer.

Standard spec is fairly generous, but it’s worth shelling out for black Alcantara seats (they’ll mark less quickly) and rear parking sensors.

But consider what you’re actually getting – the pace and economy that we’ve discovered while testing this car – and you could well consider the premium  to be worthwhile.

And about that economy: it’s not quite diesel-like, but it’s probably close enough to turn your head. Our touring test result was 49mpg exactly – from a diesel of the same performance, you might do 10 or 15 per cent better, but remember that the black pump is also about six per cent more expensive to fill up from in the first place. 

Our overall economy result of 39.8mpg may be a long way short of spectacular, but it compares very well with the result we got from the Citroën DS3 1.6 THP (35.8mpg) and Alfa Romeo Mito MultiAir (36.1mpg) under the same conditions.

Your everyday return from the BlueGT is likely to be somewhere in the low 40s. Considering the very competitive CO2 rating and low associated benefit in kind costs, that could well be economical enough. 


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