The Volkswagen Polo BlueGT is the sort of car you could get into, drive a few miles, get out of again and draw a blank when somebody later asks you what it’s like inside. Absolutely competent, absolutely everywhere is the short answer, but with few interesting features, and those drawn from the big Volkswagen book of mildly sporting interiors.

Namely, it’s the same as a non-sporting interior, with impeccable ergonomics, a totally sound driving position and brilliantly spaced pedals, but with a mildly interesting gearknob and a sculpted steering wheel (with a flat bottom).

The way the standard Bluetooth car kit is integrated is strangely aftermarket-looking by Volkswagen standards. It took me a day to realise you have to take the screen out of the glovebox to make it work

Is that a problem? It depends. If you think so, you could try a Mini or a Citroën DS3 instead. If not – and the opinion of our testers is broadly split – there’s much to admire about the Polo’s trimmings. Volkswagen resisted throwing options at our test car, and it’s little the worse for it.

We see no particular reason why you’d want climate control over air conditioning, and while it might be worth the functional and aesthetic improvement that the audio/sat-nav upgrade brings, even shorn of those the BlueGT doesn’t feel like a poorly specified car. Fit and finish and the feel of the switchgear is first rate. 

It’s also spacious enough, for a supermini. Adults can get comfortable behind adults and the boot is, as with other Polos, perfectly acceptable within the class. Not so very long ago, this kind of competence would have been competitive in the class above.


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