Having proudly heralded the return of its old performance sub-brand, Vauxhall has proved itself crucially short on the commitment necessary to make much of an impact with the first of its new-age GSi models.

The Insignia GSi is a practical, well-equipped estate car whose ride and handling are reasonably good adverts for it, but its steering, diesel engine and price positioning don’t do it very many favours. As a debut for a revived GSi, then, the Insignia falls short.

Lacks the value appeal of range-mates. A disappointing return for GSi

For all of its Nürburgring development, it fails to capture your attention as a true driver’s car, more often feeling like a superficially warmed-up family estate. And for the money, there are more compelling affordable performance tourers.

A VW Passat GTE estate is quicker, more desirable and more interesting to drive and Kia’s Stinger has a more distinguished and involving chassis.

Although it’s comfortable, composed and practical, the Insignia GSi simply fails to appeal in the way we think a performance variant should and it misses out on a top-five mention among its peers as a result.

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