The new Corsa VXR emerges from this appraisal in a position of reasonable strength.

In this specification, its appeal is certainly niche – and yet with its compelling circuit handling manners and value for money, the Corsa VXR addresses a need that has been neglected since the demise of the Clio Cup. But it doesn’t have enough subtlety or natural handling poise for our liking.

The Corsa VXR's uncompromising chassis makes for a niche track-day appeal. It's well-priced, if a little short on poke

Even accounting for its remarkable traction, handling agility and involvement, it delivers little more fun or pace on track than a Fiesta ST – and it’s far more demanding to drive.

Furthermore, as a road car for broader tastes, the Performance Pack Corsa VXR is dynamically too highly strung.

However, we won’t penalise the car too heavily for that, because wider test experience suggests that the standard VXR is much easier-going.