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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

There is a reliable set menu for success when it comes to hotting up your bog-standard hatchback’s interior. New seats, gearknob, steering wheel, dials and pedals are all on it – and the VXR honours it in conventional type.

Mostly, the additional cabin confetti is fine. The seats are by Recaro and get the compromise between comfort and clasp just about right.

This is my third attempt at making Vauxhall's IntelliLink BringGo sat-nav app work with my iPhone. Still no joy, via Bluetooth or USB

The VXR-specific gearknob isn’t quite so nice, having been made the size of a cricket ball and with the seams to match. Hand-filling heft is pleasant, but this is still a supermini, not a Lotus Carlton.

Elsewhere – on the pedals, steering wheel and dials – there’s only the lightest dressing in place to differentiate the model from its lesser siblings. But that’s just about fine, too; the current generation Corsa is generally a nice enough place to be, and so it remains here.

The car is also mercifully free of silly performance-related buttons. The traction control switch is the only one you’ll ever need to push – once for Competitive mode, longer for nothing at all – and that is as it should be.

Without driving anywhere, the only complaint that really sticks to the VXR we tested is that its inflated Performance Pack price tends to make Vauxhall’s occasional meanness with the trim materials stand out more so than they otherwise might.

The upper portion of the dashboard is fine, but by the time you get down to the level of the heating and ventilation controls, it does rather feel like the engineers ran out of money, which may feel galling when you’ve ponied up sufficient funds to buy, say, a decently equipped Mini Cooper S.

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However, most hot hatch buyers will think the cabin acceptable, given that what you’re chiefly paying for is found elsewhere. Equally, this isn’t the sort of cabin that’s likely to win friends for the VXR by being theatrical or expressive.

The standard Corsa VXR comes with Recaro front seats, a sporty bodykit including a lairy dual Remus exhaust system, bi-xenon headlights, air conditioning, cruise control and Vauxhall’s Intellink infotainment system.

But if you are after leather seats, climate control or numerous city smart safety features then be prepared to dig a little deeper into your rapidly emptying pockets.