If you like to spend idle moments dreaming up pointless automotive concepts, you would be hard pressed to beat the Suzuki SX4, a four-wheel-drive city hatchback.

And yet, as envisioned by Suzuki, the idea works, exuding all the flair and confidence of a natural. Keys to its success are the strong driver appeal supplied by the Swift on which the newcomer is based, the undeniable cuteness of the Giugiaro design and fine value for money.

Another good Suzuki; why hasn’t it sold in greater numbers?

There are more mainstream superminis available that offer similar levels of space and in some cases better running costs.

For many buyers these more conventional models will be the better purchase.

Even though the Suzuki SX4 is a niche choice, it is a likeable and unpretentious one that offers good running costs, a comfortable cabin and lots of practicality for not too much money. For many, those qualities will be enough to seal the deal.

Another good Suzuki, so it's a bit of a mystery as to why it hasn’t sold in greater numbers.