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Looks and dynamics still appeal, but price and engine let it down

What is it?

This is a special edition of the ageing Suzuki Swift hatchback. Only 500 will be made and they'll be equipped to a high specification, including keyless entry and start, air-con, sports seats, leather steering wheel and 17-inch alloys.

What’s it like?

The Suzuki Swift has held on to a certain charm since it was introduced in 2005. It’s still good to look at, which the Attitude exploits with its 17-inch alloys and spoiler. It’s also got responsive steering and a chassis that encourages spirited driving.

But the Suzuki Swift's 91bhp 1.3-litre engine is beginning to feel its age, especially when compared to the more refined units of its competitiors.

Accelerating above 60mph is a struggle, and this together with the deafening engine noise and the Swift’s lack of stability in cross winds makes it a poor motorway vehicle.

Around town it’s much more bearable, but the engine noise will still be intrusive at any time and the 17in alloys fitted to the Attitude give it a jarring ride quality and are also perilously easy to kerb. Not ideal given the car’s city-dwelling target audience.

However, for anyone hooked on the Swift’s cute looks, the Attitude’s high spec is impressive and the sports seats are an excellent addition, as they're both more comfortable and supportive than the standard car’s seats.

Should I buy one?

The Suzuki Swift Attitude might be well specced, but it’s handicapped by the breathless 1.3 engine and high price.

That you can get the much more appealing 1.5-litre engine in the Swift GLX for hundreds less than the Attitude should be the final decision maker for anyone looking for a Swift.


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28 October 2008

"Ageing"??!!?? Wasn't it launched in 2005? Hardly ageing! Plus it still looks great and throughout 2008 has continued to get excellent reviews. Plus it's faster and 3 grand cheaper than the Fiesta 1.4 which gains little other than being a little bigger.

16 October 2012

First of all the look of Maruti Suzuki Swift car be a rank apart,they are call fundamental and concept-like car,this type of cars can easily touch some one heart,follow the link to get some fine quotes

28 October 2008

I agree with you julian, it's still a clean fresh looking little car. Dated is not something that can be said of it.

The 1.3 may be a little wheezy but this car is clearly aimed at the insurance conscious buyer who wants something that looks...... dare I say it........ sporting (read same interior as the sport with funky wheels etc).

It will make a great second hand buy in a couple of years though.

28 October 2008

I'm sorry, I don't know what car they've been testing, but the 1.3 swift I drove was a cracking car. Handled beautifully, definitely a reasonably quick car (even above 60mph), pulls cleanly and quickly from 60-80 and is not overly noisy. I've driven noisier "executive cars". Does the reviewer have it in for the swift? It's definitely not my experience of them, and I've driven a lot of cars!

28 October 2008

What a great little car this still is; funky to look at, nice interior and fun to drive.

31 October 2008

I was able to drive a 1.3 Swift yesterday and it was pretty noisy compared to the 1.2 Fiat 500 that I also drove. So I would agree with Vicky Parrot on this one, in that - especially nearly new - the 5 door GLX with the larger engine makes sense. I still think it feels fresh though.

31 October 2008

Just a small addition to Vicky's points: even though the Swift was only launched in 2005, since then nearly every major rival has been replaced or extensively revised. I think it's this context more than anything that defines the Swift as an ageing car.

31 October 2008

It's not an ageing car.

5 November 2008

I agree about it feeling like an old car.

When my other half bought one new 3 years ago coming from a Honda Jazz there was something inherently old fashioned in its feel and I didn't like the view from the driver's seat. That windscreen was somehow giving a claustrophobic feel to the view.

Maybe it was the way it felt built to cost rather than like the Jazz being greater than the sum of its parts that gave me this impression.

Cracking looking little car mind you.

16 October 2012



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