Fewer cylinders but extra poke makes Legacy still more desirable.
What’s New?
Basically a mild facelift and simplification to the engine range, although you’ll be hard pushed to notice the visual modifications which are limited to new lights and grille. The engine changes are more notable, out goes the mid-range 2.5 and standard 3.0R – if you want 6cyl power in your Legacy the 3.0R Spec B is the only choice. But to fill the gap left by the 2.5’s demise, the base 2.0-litre 4cyl gets a useful extra 27bhp.
What’s it like?
For a 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit it’s ultra smooth, only when compared with it’s larger 6cyl sibling does it feel like there’s a final edge of polish missing. But the trade-off is greater character, with more off-beat thrum present. 162bhp is enough for swift progress, although the slick five-speed box will need constant stirring and occasionally you’ll notice the lack of low down torque.
Should I buy one?
Yes. The Legacy has always made an excellent alternative choice, but with the extra go and Suburu’s keen pricing – those 27bhp cost an extra £650 - the Legacy argument is even stronger.
Jamie Corstorphine

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