From £15,3159

Comfy, spacious and good value, the Fabia is Skoda at its best

A relatively basic Fabia like our test car is what Skoda does really well, providing no-nonsense transport with first-rate practicality and above-average comfort.

In some ways, the new Fabia appears set up for mediocrity. Its technical make-up is as conventional as it gets, with not even mild-hybrid power on the cards, and its looks are as forgettable as its dynamics.

Spec advice? a 95PS SE Comfort is the sweet spot of the range. The 110PS engine isn’t enough of an upgrade and the higher trim levels can get expensive quickly

However, it excels in some important areas: the ride quality is exemplary, it’s the most spacious car in its class and it makes the most of that space with useful storage solutions. Furthermore, while the Fabia’s interior doesn’t have much in the way of material plushness, it looks modern and is supremely easy to use because Skoda has resisted the temptation to replace buttons with touch-sensitive panels. It’s not as cheap as Skodas have been in the past and some options can make it downright expensive, but lower-end versions still offer solid value.

The Fabia doesn’t tug at the heartstrings, and ultimately we would prefer a more charismatic small car, but there is no doubt it’s an impressive package.

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