The Seat Leon SC has plenty of appeal. It's a smart, stylish and well equipped car that's got a little more character and interest to it than rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus.

Competitive prediction from our sources suggests that secondhand Leons will be quite sought after as well, helping maintain their residual values.

Secondhand Leon SCs should be quite sought after

Couple that with a high standard of reliability, good build quality, sensible servicing costs and a standard three-year warranty, and surprises should be few and far between.

Seat's range of frugal engines should also allow you to find something that suits your annual mileage or requirements without having to overly compromise on performance.

If it's the range-topping FR diesel that's got your attention, however, the figures are even more straightforward: at around £22k, the Leon is cheaper than the equivalent, less-powerful Renault Mégane and Vauxhall Astra models and will retain more of its value after three years/36,000 miles.

Compared with a Golf GTD, the FR’s residuals seem less impressive, but the Seat’s lower list price should outweigh that disadvantage for a great many. All the while, the Leon will be using not a great deal of fuel.

We never matched the combined cycle figure, but over a week of testing that included a figuring session, we returned 47.2mpg, making 50mpg well within the reach of most owners.


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