If you look at the prices of this car and its rivals in the Top Five section at the end of this test, you’ll note that Seat has not been shy about the pricing of the Leon Cupra.

Counting in its favour, though, is the generous allotment of power the car offers and the distinguishing pace for the money that our performance figures show. Seat is also keen to point out that, for the money, the Leon comes with plenty of equipment.

Those seeking the most pliant model should probably opt for the 265

Our depreciation experts suggest the Leon Cupra won’t match the residual value of a Golf GTI, whose broader market appeal will see it retain much more, but against the Astra VXR the Seat should prove impressive.

Other costs are par for the course, including, in our experience, fuel economy. The 290, driven hard during its time with us, returned 28mpg. Mid-30s on a cruise will be typical.


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