It is easy to be overwhelmed and awed by the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé, a car that cossets wonderfully and goes out of its way to make the driver and his passengers feel special like no other car on sale. But it would be naïve to leave it there; this is a £300,000 coupé and, as such, should stand up to the absolute strictest scrutiny that you can level at a car.

To our eyes, this is a car that imposes more than it impresses with grace and elegance. It is also almost inexcusably packaged for rear passengers, who may be prepared to swap a modicum of their snugness and feeling of wellbeing for a greater feeling of circulation in their legs.

This is a car that imposes more than it impresses

A tad more compliance in the ride and a little less wind noise should be expected, too. Beyond that, the Coupé is all it should be: a wonderful way to travel and a car that feels as exquisite as any made today.