The Phantom rides beautifully, but you always knew it would; it’s a quarter-million pound car whose overriding dynamic aim is to do just that. 

It moves over cratered roads in a near-perfect state of calm and composure. The Rolls-Royce Phantom’s magical ride is matched by impressive body control for such a big, soft car, although its softness leaves it with some roll-rock

Despite its size, the Phantom is a pleasure to drive

The steering is oily smooth, direct and with precisely judged control weights. It rolls, but not excessively, and keeps its vertical composure until you’re driving faster than is prudent.

We did pick up on some wind noise and a little tyre roar over 50mph, but that was because everything else was so quiet. We were being spoilt.

In recognition of the surprisingly high propensity of owners to sit up front, rather than lounge in the back, a Driver’s Pack is offered. It features additional bracing front and rear, a thicker diameter steering wheel and more feel through the brakes.

But there’s no escaping the Phantom’s girth. It is very fast, but at 2670kg, it is also very heavy. That issue can rear its head at speed, but with the Phantom measuring 1990mm wide and more than six metres long in Extended Wheelbase guise, the car’s exterior cameras are more necessity than nice-to-have gadget.