The Twingo 133 might be the cheapest, slowest member of the Renaultsport family, but it is every bit as deserving of its place as a hot Clio or Megane.

Sure, the ride is occasionally disastrously stiff, but that is unlikely to much bother an 18-year-old who’s getting his or her first taste of performance motoring. A little hot hatch should be stiff and lively over the bumps

The Twingo is hard work, but agile and fantastic fun to drive

You can look at its other many faults — its dowdy interior and dodgy refinement , for instance — and tear it to pieces accordingly. But to us, there is but one measure of a car like this that eclipses all others: is it riotously fun to drive?

The answer to that is a resounding ‘yes’. It’s not that quick and its engine is not that special, but thanks to that chassis you’ll still have more fun on a tight and twisting road than any number of faster, more expensive dedicated sports cars. 

For an enthusiast the Twingo 133 Cup is one of the most entertaining steers around, for any money. In short, the chaps at Renaultsport have done it again.


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