Down at this price point, you won’t be expecting any techno-wizardry, which is just as well, because the Twingo Renaultsport 133 doesn’t have any; despite those pumped-up looks, its mechanical architecture is as conventional as can be, all the way from the strut suspension at the front to the torsion beam at the rear. Such magic must stem solely from the fine tuning of individual components.

By fitting a deep front spoiler, big rear wing, side skirts and huge alloys, Renault ran the risk of creating a car that looked like it had fallen victim to the worst excesses of a crazed aftermarket accessory shop owner. In fact the Twingo 133 looks like a pugnacious little street brawler capable of packing one hell of a punch. In short, it looks right.

Cup wheels stand slightly proud of the tyre sidewalls and are easy to damage

Wing mirrors are colour-coded to the wheels and rear spoiler, and are electrically adjustable. Grey 17in alloys are part of Cup chassis specification, a bargain given what it includes, but you have to not mind a car with almost no suspension.

The body kit includes flared wheelarches front and rear (they’re necessary to accommodate wider wheel track) and substantial side skirts. Macho posturing begins at the front with deep front chin spoiler and huge air intake. It’s probably not necessary for such a small normally aspirated engine, but it certainly looks the part.

Chromed tail pipe is a small touch but a nice one; it completes the sporty rear aspect of the car. The huge rear wing is probably next to valueless aerodynamically but it really lifts the Twingo’s appearance from the rear and is colour-coded to match the wing mirrors and wheels.


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