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Steering, suspension and ride comfort

You can dream up every trick in the book to make a car ride and handle properly, but if you start with a light car in the first place you’ll inevitably end up in a better place, and the Renault Twingo is the perfect example of this.

The standard Twingo’s suspension is surprisingly soft when you consider the platform also spawns the spine-crushing Renaultsport version, but the fact that it weighs so little (950kg) allows it to do things that heavier rivals simply cannot.

The Twingo is enthralling on a twisty road

And when it comes to agility it’s hard to think of any rival beyond the similarly lightweight Mazda 2 that feels sweeter or sharper than the Twingo.

Initially you might be quite surprised by how much body roll there is, even during quite relaxed cornering. Aim the Twingo’s nose at an apex and the electric power steering (though not the most touchy-feely system in the world) allows you to place the car accurately, but the level of body movement that accompanies turn-in is, to begin with, slightly off-putting.

Once you realise that nothing odd happens beyond this point, however, you can start to enjoy the Twingo for what it is: namely, one of the most enjoyable small cars on the road. Not the grippiest or the most incisive, perhaps, but certainly one of the more amusing to manhandle along a twisty road.

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