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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Climb inside the new Renault Twingo and you’ll discover lots of good things and one or two major disappointments, but the overall feeling is positive, which is important in a car of this type.

Let’s get the bad bits out of the way first, such as the steering wheel, which looks and feels unimaginably cheap and nasty in the hands. As does the gear lever.

Cheap-feeling plastics in the cabin are disappointing

Worse still, perhaps, is the almost total lack of support on offer from the front seats. Inevitably you end up clinging to the wheel (which frustratingly lacks reach adjustment) for support, so little is there from the seat itself.

We’re also not huge fans of the vast expanses of hard grey plastic that lie between the driver and the base of the windscreen, even though the dash design itself is quite appealing and features a rev counter pod slightly to the left of your line of sight. A central digital speedometer is housed in the main instrument cluster above the centre air vents.

Where the Twingo really scores inside is with its packaging, specifically the seating combinations. The rear seats, for example, are split and can be moved backwards and forwards individually to increase the size of the boot where necessary. The passenger seat folds away completely to become a picnic table with a grippy tray-like shape moulded into the seat back. You can even turn your Twingo into the world’s smallest van by removing the rear seats.

Music connectivity is also impressive; three different ports enable you to connect your MP3 player and it can be controlled via the steering column. There’s also the option of full Bluetooth hands-free telephone connection.

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