Super-versatile seven-seat MPV now gets a powerful diesel to speed your family to its destination. One of the best MPVs out there, and not bad to drive, either.
What is it?
The mildly facelifted Grand Scénic, fitted with Renault's most powerful 2.0-litre turbodiesel, as introduced on the Laguna last year. It produces 148bhp at 4000rpm and 251lb ft at just 2000rpm.

What's it like?
Versatile. Renault knows a thing or two about MPVs, having created the ground-breaking Espace and the original Scénic, which kick-started the mid-size MPV sector 10 years ago.
Inside, there are cubby holes everywhere – in the doors, between the seats, under the floor. The vast bin between the front seats could fit a child.
Our test car came with seven seats, but the Grand Scénic is also available with five seats and a big boot. The rearmost seats, which fold into the boot floor, aren't really suitable for adults, but they're fine for kids. And even when they're up there's still some luggage room.
The new engine provides plenty of go – even with all the seats full – and is reasonably refined, too. Plus it's economical and produces only 154g/km of CO2. Our only complaint is vibration through the throttle pedal. As MPVs go, it's also not bad to drive.

Should I buy one?
If you need a versatile MPV, it's definitely one of the best. We'd also take a look at the Ford S-Max 2.0D, which is a little better to drive, if not quite as powerful.

Rory Lumsdon

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