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Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Renault offers two distinct versions of the Renaultsport Clio: an entry-level (read stripped-out) Cup version, and a regular car more suited to everyday use. The most basic car starts at £17,000 the regular model costs £1000 more.

We'd recommend the Cup model if you’re a track day regular, but not so much for the road, particularly if you're intending to spec your 200 up to the nines. The Clio Cup may cost £1000 less than the regular 200 but, although you can specify as options a few things it loses over the regular car (such as air-con and curtain airbags), you can’t get back the regular Clio’s keyless entry and upmarket dashboard, which includes reach adjustment for the wheel.

Its easy to push the price of a new Clio to more than £20,000

Losing a traditional key is fine, but losing the reach adjustable steering isn’t. 

Fortunately, there is an answer: Cup suspension is available for £400 over the regular 200, too. We suppose you’d have to do the maths, tick which options you want (white with black wheels is, fortunately, available on both models) and decide which is more important to you: 36kg or sore arms.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most UK buyers choose to put up with a 36kg weight increase and opt for a regular 200 with Cup suspension. The regular 200 also has a better residual value.

Whichever hot Clio you chose, combined economy is 34.5mpg and CO2 emissions are 190g/km. Both sit in insurance group 30. 

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