Renault has done a lot right with this second-generation Captur. It’s a much more complete product than its predecessor, with a roomier and richer cabin, significantly better on-board technology and a more secure handling character.

A broad range of engines, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions incoming, will only go on to distinguish the car even better than it does now. It’s important to choose wisely from that range, because the 1.3-litre mid-range two-pedal petrol engine option we tested doesn’t have the drivability or the enthusiastic fizz you might hope for. Wider test experience has already confirmed that other Captur engines are better.

New Captur should prove popular, but not with this powertrain

An often wooden-feeling and occasionally noisy ride also disappointed our testers, who had hoped for more of the supple fluency of the original Captur. Combined with the shortcomings of the powertrain, this robs the car of the driver appeal that might otherwise be a decisive selling point.

Still, with greater versatility and perceived quality than its predecessor, and being similarly strong on value and style, it won’t be short of ways in which to convince buyers.

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