Delivering a verdict on a car with such a singularity of mind as the Radical SR3 SL isn’t easy. Would it not be more affordable to buy an old racing car and a trailer? Yes, it would.

However, that is to miss the point of this car; there are those who want a track-focused car that can, however irregularly, be used on the road.

The SR3 SL is one of the most enjoyable track cars we’ve driven, and it represents a very enticing proposition for those seeking a track-focussed toy

They want it new and exciting, and that is the purpose for which we must judge the SR3 SL’s fitness.

It’s not without faults, but those it does have are typically of a minor nature.

It could be a better-mannered road car, it could have sharper throttle response and its brakes ought to be more easily modulated in the wet. But those are small quibbles.

Overall, the Radical SR3 SL is one of the most intoxicating and appealing track cars we’ve ever driven.

For us, its shortcomings as a road car wouldn’t break the deal.


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