Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

If you’re after a car like the Radical SR3, it’s fair to say you’ll know what you’re getting into. The purchase price is high and, while running costs don’t necessarily have to be, it’s usually better for the soul to work them out by the year rather than by the mile.

And it’s perhaps better not to work out the ancillary costs at all – track charges, the price of a trailer, licensing, that sort of thing.

The Radical should prove reliable, and go through its consumables at a manageable rate

However, lightweight cars like the SR3 SL shrug off repeated track use without a continual demand for new brakes and tyres, while they generally hold their value strongly, too. Many pre-owned Radicals get sold through the factory, and benefit from a high retained value.

If you’re worried about economy you’re probably looking at the wrong sort of car, but in something this light and with a fairly unstressed engine you’re looking at a lighter financial burden at the fuel pumps than many rivals.

We even managed 14.2mpg average during our track test. Not bad for an extended and very unforgiving session on circuit. 


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