From £63,91310

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The Panamera was a relatively expensive car in its previous guise.

Porsche dealers no doubt sought to justify that premium by using the allure of the brand’s badge, but the model is now even more expensive.

Strong residuals back up the high list price. Three years in a 640d costs almost as much; S500 is even more

The cheapest example is almost £7000 more now than it was four years ago, while, for most of that interval, inflation has stood at less than one percent. That’s a difference few buyers can fail to notice.

And while the difference is softened, on the one hand, by what are expected to be very strong residuals, it’s also exacerbated by the cost of Porsche’s options and its habitual meanness with standard kit.

A £68,000 car should offer a broader palette of no-added-cost colours than just black and white, it shouldn’t give you ‘partial’ leather seats unless you’re prepared to pay more and you shouldn’t have to pay £249 for a rear window wiper should you want one.

We already touched on fuel economy, but not in enough detail to highlight that the Panamera 4S Diesel’s 42.8mpg touring test result was quite exceptional for a car of its performance and size.

A 90-litre fuel tank is, in effect, standard on the 4S Diesel in the UK (it’s a no-cost option in place of a 75-litre item in other markets), and as a result, this Panamera will cruise for up to 846 miles between fills – much farther, surely, than anyone would be willing to drive it without stopping.

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