On the road, the new Porsche Cayman is brilliant: smooth, responsive, fast, precise and always so absorbing.

As delicate as its predecessor? In the main, yes. And out on the track, it’s damned nearly as great; even better, we suspect, when equipped ‘just so’.

The Cayman is more complete package than ever

The new Cayman has also, impressively, bettered its predecessor's out-of-the-box usability and capacity for coaxing spell-bound participation out of any driver. 

These improvements have come about as a result  of a longer wheelbase and a wider front track, delivering improved stability and assurance.

It’s enough to expect Porsche’s rivals to measure up to such stellar performance and handling, but only when you consider the Cayman’s static virtues – from its competitive list price and distinguishing residual value to its creditable economy, comfortable cabin and grand touring practicality for two – do you get the fullest sense of what this car represents.

It may not be the quickest sports car on your shopping list, but for those whose tastes are mature enough to care less about how fast they go than how they go fast, the Cayman – like the Toyota GT86 a couple of price brackets below – makes for an utterly dominant class champion.