The last Cayman for which we wrote a verdict was the GT4, a car that powered towards five stars as straightforwardly as a football rolling into an open goal.

It’s easy now to see that outgoing car as a Concorde-like high point for Porsche’s coupé: oversized in engine, thirst, cost, noise and attitude – and sensational for it.

Still the greatest sports coupé out there, even if the Cayman doesn’t sound like it

Naturally, the new 718 is a lesser prospect, yet proximity to the GT4 underlines its few real shortcomings – and the deficit in mechanical sound and fury will come across as the chief diminishment to a great many.

Levelling such a charge is all the more justifiable when the new four-cylinder engine doesn’t offer any real running cost advantage.

But a wholesale dismissal of the car is a long way from fair.

The 718 Cayman S is by some distance the most complete sports coupé on sale and easily talented enough in the handling department (our ultimate measure of such things) to overcome slight misgivings about the way the crank is now turned.

In the long term, memory of its past power source will eventually fade. The manifest and numerous qualities of the 718 will not.

That is why the Cayman S heads our top five, holding off the likes of the BMW M2, Audi TTS, Lotus Elise Sport 220 and Alfa Romeo 4C.

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