From £19,779
Expensive to lease, with a cramped cabin and a limited range
10 September 2010

What is it?

Back in the mid-1990s Peugeot pioneered usable electrical power with vehicles based on the 106 and Berlingo.

A decade and half later, the company is back with the iOn, the French maker’s version of the Mitsubishi iMiEV.

While the firm is realistic about the potential of electric cars (estimating an EU market share of 4-5 per cent by 2020) it says it hopes to sell around 50,000 iOns by 2015.

What’s it like?

The iOn is a handy 3.4m long but rather narrower than a European supermini. Rear-wheel drive does contribute to a handy turning circle, however.

It’s powered by a rear-mounted 64bhp electric motor, while the 88-cell, 16kWh lithium ion battery pack is mounted under the centre of the vehicle.

The electric motor’s full torque delivery from standstill, and the lack of individual gear ratios, make for refined and civilised progress.

The iOn is also pretty stable and steers accurately enough, while there’s just enough performance to keep up with normal motorway traffic.It’s much more at home in town, though.

Peugeot is very honest about the iOn’s limitations. It takes six hours to charge from a domestic socket and will do 93 miles in free-flowing traffic with the air-con turned off.

However, a crowded city with the air-con blowing will reduce the range to around 46 miles.

Should I buy one?

The iOn is expensive and relatively cramped, which is probably why Peugeot says it is aimed mainly at “local government and car-sharing companies”.

In terms of private sales, though, it will only hold attraction for the most dedicated of environmentalists.

Peugeot iOn

Price: £415 per month +VAT (four years); Top speed: 81mph; 0-62mph: 15.9sec; Economy: 93 miles on one charge; CO2: 0g/km at tailpipe; Kerb weight: 1120kg; Engine: Electric motor, 16kWh lithium ion battery pack; Power: 64bhp at 2500rpm; Torque: 133lb ft at 1900-2750rpm; Gearbox: Single-speed


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30 November 2009

No hints on price? It needs to be under the £10k mark to have a chance of becoming widely adopted.

30 November 2009

They imply it will be less than £10k as they say it will be no more expensive than a normal car doing 10k miles a year. normal car is £7k.

30 November 2009

- do not forget you get £5K from the gov. (if memory serves) - thus if it cost £12K you only pay £7K which is good.

-or if its £10K you pay £5K which is REALLY GOOD! - £5K for a brand new car - beats the hell out of the scrappage scheme!

-the £5K will swing it for a lot of people; the range is great, like the Leaf, the 100 miles is perfect for me and means i only need to charge it once a week.

-me, i want a Nissan Leaf, but you can see that if this comes in at £10K, with the gov. £5K you only pay £5K - its a bargin - these cars (inc. the Leaf and the Volt) are all able to get the £5K incentive (as i understand) - they will fly off the shelves! - imagine businesses wanted the Leaf and Volt and these things - awesome!

30 November 2009

Even if electric cars were free, they will never be popular. how do you think they will get recharged? The owner needs their own garage for a start, which reduced potential customers to not very many. even a private drive is not enough, would you get out the power cables when it's tipping it down with rain? And power cables are not allowed to be trailed over pavements to get to cars parked outside your house.

1 December 2009

Battery swap? No-one has a petrol pump in their garage, after all...

1 December 2009

[quote beachland2]The owner needs their own garage for a start, which reduced potential customers to not very many. even a private drive is not enough, would you get out the power cables when it's tipping it down with rain?[/quote]

Plenty of houses have their own garage, and there is no issue with charging on your own drive way - our campervan (like many others) sits happily on our drive with its umbilical mains charging lead run from the garage.

Take a look at almost any campsite - the difficulties of running mains power to vehicles parked outdoors is far from beyond the wit of man to manage safely.

1 December 2009

Peugeot have at last sorted that grill mess out.

Shame about the rest of the design.....

17 September 2010

Add Vat to the lease cost and multiply by 48 and you get near enough £24,000. Which is roughly the same as you can buy the near identical Mitsubushi version for. So effectively they are telling us it will be worthless at 4 years old. Rather a worrying thought.

17 September 2010

I could rent a New Mercedes E-Class coupe for less than that.....

Who are they kidding?

17 September 2010

That's what the Smart forFour ought to be...and the upcoming "mini" Mini


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