In building a car designed to deliver the practicality of an MPV with the flair of a debonair SUV, Peugeot has broken ranks with its compatriot rivals, Renault and Citroën, and shown that it better understands what buyers want.

On the evidence of this road test, the marque deserves to be rewarded for its boldness, because although the 5008 is not the most engaging steer, few in this growing marketplace can match its combination of versatility, style and cabin ambience.

Bold, stylish and capable but lacking a class leader’s all-round polish

Peugeot’s execution is not without question, though. Caveats include a lack of four-wheel drive (although the Grip Control is surprisingly effective and, let’s face it, few owners of this type of car are likely to heading off the beaten track), poor second-row head room and a chassis let down by its inability to insulate occupants from the grumbling effects that poor road surfaces impart – areas in which rivals offer more.

That said, as tested here the 5008 benefits from a punchy petrol powertrain that’s more efficient than you’d think, while recent revisions have further enhanced its indisputable style, plus added more user-friendly tech and advanced driver aids. 

It certainly makes a decent amount of sense for those looking for a composed, comfortable and stylish family car that has the versatility to carry seven once in a while. However, unless you're dead set on the extra gadgets and gizmos, we’d avoid the GT models and look to the already adequately equipped and more modestly priced Allure Premium variants.

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Yet there’s no escaping the fact the class has moved on since the latest 5008 broke cover, and this mid-life facelift doesn’t do enough to elevate the Peugeot beyond the top of a very tightly packed mid-field.