More than any of its other recent introductions, Peugeot’s new 3008 calls attention to its long-dormant strengths. A certain boldness with styling, interior design, functionality and material quality is to be lauded.

To look at and sit in, this is a felicitous replacement for the previous 3008, if not the one you might have expected, and is well attuned to the demands of a style-conscious and aspirational audience.

In challenging company, the 3008 promises more than it delivers

Yet there are numerous missteps and unwanted tangents. The limitations of the i-Cockpit are fast becoming lamentable – if only because the 3008 makes them so plain. Ditto the engine noise of our test car and the oafishness of its gearchange, both issues that feed into a lingering disgruntlement with the dynamic performance.

Compound all that with some overly ambitious pricing, limited mechanical scope to its specification and slightly limited interior space, and the 3008’s hand seems somewhat incomplete.

Gloss over those misgivings and a fetching, fresh and really rather earnest crossover remains. But a class leader it isn’t, lagging behind the Ford Kuga, BMW X1, Nissan Qashqai and our current crossover champion, the Seat Ateca.


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