The Morgan would not get the star rating it does here if we judged it with the same objectivity that we apply to most other tests.

It doesn’t ride well, but this we could forgive alone. More worryingly, in places the Plus 8 feels unfinished inside.

The car has its charms, but you need to know what you’re buying into

It also demands more of you than we feel most owners should tolerate. It brings us – and, we suspect, Morgan – no pleasure in saying it, but the Plus 8 is not all the car it should and could be.

And yet the Plus 8 retains a certain something. Every one of us was swayed by its looks or its noise or the way it went in a straight line. And had those things been combined with the old-style chassis, we’d have adored this car.

However, its failings are harder to forgive when it has the latest architecture beneath it and it demands that you part with the far side of £70,000 before options.

So although it remains quite an easy car to like, you should be fully aware of what you’re buying.