We’ve driven Aero Morgans before. We had an Aero 8 at our Handling Day in 2005, where it didn’t score terribly well. Its steering was inert for a quarter turn and then frighteningly urgent. We’ve since tried different iterations of cars with the chassis and, although we’ve always come away knowing that there is a fundamentally sound chassis beneath them – faithful, balanced and grippy – never have we felt totally at ease with the experience.

That is not quite true this time, though. The problem of ride remains; it is fidgety to the point of annoyance on poor urban roads and manifests itself as shivers and shudders through a chassis that is perhaps not as stiff as Morgan would like to think it is.

Braking in a straight line brings about only a little body dive, but the brake pedal is a bit tricky to modulate around the top of its travel

The power-assisted steering, though, has been improved over time, with a new hydraulically assisted system offered around six months after the car's initial launch. It isn't perfect, but it does give confidence.

At higher speeds, the Plus 8 tracks straight enough. Send it down a demanding road, however, and it’s kicked easily off line by ruts and camber changes. There is an inherent balance and fluidity to the chassis, but you do have to work hard to find them, and especially enjoy them.

There’s still a driving experience to enjoy here, mind you. It’s more of the ‘hang on’ variety than we’d like, but with this surfeit of torque and power, the terrific view and the wonderful noise, it would be churlish to say that the Morgan can’t be an enjoyable companion. Just don’t expect it to be a focused and neatly honed one.

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