Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Morgan hasn’t reached 103 years of age by offering cars that are bad ownership propositions and, for all its foibles, the Plus 8 is going to be a rare, desirable car.

So although our data experts do not predict great things from the Plus 8’s residual values, our testers are inclined to think that the car will fare rather better than those which pass as its rivals.

We’d choose a manual over the auto, and the sports exhaust is worth having

What is less spectacular is the fuel-efficiency of the Plus 8. Light cars usually fare well, even those with big engines, but during our track tests, the Morgan gave us 15.1mpg. Overall, it returned only 24.4mpg.

And, finally, a word on durability. It is impossible for us to comment on reliability and quality absolutely, but bear in mind that a fleet of Plus 8s will not have completed a summer in Death Valley and a winter in Sweden.

These are cars best treated as classics from the day they arrive.