Those who buy a traditional Morgan love the ambience and atmosphere that comes with sitting inside one, and the same ought to be true of the Plus 8. In some ways it is, but there are also niggles that let it down.

Your first mild puzzlement might come with the keys. There’s one for the doors, one for the lockable storage box behind the seats (there’s no boot), another for the fuel filler and one for the ignition. At least clambering in with the roof up is not the chore that it is in a Caterham: the door opens wide and the sill is limited.

Air-con is welcome when it gets hot under the hood, but it does take quite a while for it to chill more than just your left hand.

The driving position is snug – the seats are a touch high for some of our testers and more suited to the more slender among us. But we’re not going to quibble about that.

What we find harder to swallow is some of the fit and finish. Some bare wires behind the dashboard, for example, plus a glovebox cubby that extends to an unfinished section and a particularly unattractive steering wheel. There are some real ergonomic foibles, too. Moving the automatic gearbox's lever to Park is a knuckle-scraper, and there’s no way of opening the behind-seat cubby without having the key half-inserted in the lock to use it as a handle.

On top of that, the 12v power socket is underneath the dashboard, so if your plug doesn’t fit snugly, gravity will do the rest, and while air conditioning is standard, switching the ventilation fans to the appropriate setting is purely the work of feel. Hand-built eccentricities? On a traditional roadster, perhaps. But on a new Aero model that wants a significant investment before options? No.

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We have less of an issue with the weather gear, which demands that you occasionally make adjustments to it. You can tighten the front catches, but that’s par for the course with a hood that will stretch and tighten with the seasons.

Likewise, the removable door windows want bending into position to create something approaching (but never achieving) a seal. A car that looks like this will demand such compromises.

Personalising your Plus 8 isn't a simple job with 8 standard body, 20 leather trim and six hood colours to choose from, that is before choosing the dash or carpet options.