As with all Minis, the Clubman's list price is merely where negotiations commence, and it’s easy to add a few extras and find the price heading significantly northwards. At least the Clubman should prove as residually strong as the Mini hatch.

The economy stars are the One D and Cooper D, both offering 72.4mpg on the combined cycle. You'll not achieve that if you tend to drive enthusiastically, but at least the emissions values of 103g/km will help keep tax costs down.

Hilton Holloway

Associate editor
It’s easy to add a few extras and find the price heading significantly northwards.

Perhaps of more surprise is that the Cooper S hot hatch manages a quoted 47.9mpg. That's astounding given the performance on offer. Nonetheless, the Cooper SD puts it to shame with its combination of torque output, 64.2mpg economy and 115g/km emissions.

Opting for the automatic gearbox has a significantly detrimental effect on the emissions rating and fuel economy on all models and don't buy the John Cooper Works Clubman if you intend to save money, as it really drinks petrol, despite the quoted 39.2mpg figure.

Likewise, the higher performance models cost a bit to insure, though the rest of the range is reasonable enough on that count.

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Mini pioneered fixed-price servicing and offers its 'tlc' and 'tlc XL' packages covering the Clubman for up to eight years and 80,000 miles. These can be tailored to suit your likely use of the car. `financially, they're something of a no-brainer.

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