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There have been countless Mini variants launched over the past 55 years, including vans, estates and special editions. Click through our gallery and tell us which is your favourite
Andrew Frankel Autocar
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5 February 2014

So many Mini variants, special editions and Mini-based creations have emerged during the past 55 years that it would be next to impossible to comprehensively capture them all.

Instead, we've selected what we consider to be the 55 most interesting or important ones; in among the candidates sit the first Mini, the 1958 ADO15 concept, and the latest third-generation BMW Mini. The classic Mini Cooper S features too, if the car's motorsport and rallying pedigree is what really draws you to the diminutive front-drive hatchback.

Take a look through the picture gallery and then tell us which you regard as the most important Mini ever.

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You can read the latest first drive of the all-new Mini here.

This week's Autocar magazine also features a 25-page Mini special, and is available from newsagents or by download. 


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5 February 2014
Down here in New Zealand we had Mini's that were assembled in Australia. In 1974 I had a 1275 Mini Cooper S that was fully worked by one of Andrew Cowan's mechanics. It had a 45 DCOE Weber which was too big for the engine compartment so I cut some holes in the firewall and the trumpets poked into the passenger compartment. I had to switch needle jets between city and open road driving and with the rich jets I got 9 mpg. It needed 3,000 rpm to get away at the lights and would spin the front wheels when I changed down from 4th to 3rd. I've had about 40 vehicles since but it is still my favourite by a country mile.

5 February 2014
Most important? The first one, clearly. The engineering and packaging, leaky sills excepted, represented such a radical approach in 1959. And the handling, then and always, was remarkable. I enjoyed dropping into second and going round a roundabout at 30mph with zero body roll. But the favourite was the Minivan. Somewhere to sleep!

5 February 2014
...are my favourite. Any that haven't rotted away to dust by now are even better. I will buy another one day.

5 February 2014
I also like the current Clubman and Clubvan, but my favourite has to be the 1990 John Cooper versions. One have my work mates has one. He gave me a lift in it the other day and all the memories came flooding back. A great little car!!

5 February 2014
#15, the real Cooper S

5 February 2014
The SRV4 is quite prophetic. It reminds me so much of the latest MINI, especially as they both share a very similar yellow colour :)

5 February 2014
For me, it would be the ERA Turbo, Bertone-styled Innocenti Mini, original Cooper S and 1990s Cooper versions as well as the Rover Spiritual (which to be honest should have still entered production even without the Mini name).

Other Minis not mentioned in the article which are up there as my favourites are the 9X and Minki-I/II prototypes, a shame though the Clubman (imho) did not really live up to its potential e.g. lack of hatchback or uprated 1275GT performance version and possible E-Series unit (which the Clubman was apparently originally intended to use).

5 February 2014
No. 1 - the original Mini, and my first car - sliding front windows, porridge-stirer gearchange, starter button on the floor and an absolute hoot to drive.

5 February 2014
Small on the outside and practical on the inside.
It provided an excellent means to transport four/five people and some luggage. No pretensions at luxury and provided basic comfort but little more. It was reasonably simple and economical.
It was fun to drive with with grip, braking, steering precision, turn-in and agility as priorities over comfort, softness, power or bulk.
Arguably it did all the things right that small car designers should be looking to achieve today. A proper modern iteration should deliver a light weight vehicle with space for four 6 foot adults to travel in reasonable comfort for 350 miles with a weekends worth of luggage each. Modern comforts, a good ride without sloppy handling, strong brakes, well weighted steering, modern ergonomics, high passive and active safety, reasonable performance, 60+ MPG, sub 90gm CO2 in a small footprint. Hyundai i10 or Skoda Citigo with a bit more sparkle perhaps...

5 February 2014
Austin Mini Countryman


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