New diesel is a big step on from the old one, and Clubman body makes Mini more usable

What's new?

The Clubman gets the 109bhp 1.6-litre Ford/PSA diesel instead of the Toyota 1.4 D4D, which gives it much better performance and economy. It is also available without the LSD fitted as standard to the cars at the Spanish launch.

What's it like?

There is definitely more scrabbling without the locking diff, but not enough to spoil the driving experience.

Now rated at 68.9mpg, the Cooper D delivers big slugs of torque in the mid-range, but at the cost of some refinement. The extra 30kg over the front axle also blunts the car’s responsiveness.

The 80mm wheelbase stretch boosts rear legroom so much that the Mini will now seat four six-footers. Just don’t expect to travel with more than hand luggage.

Should I buy one?

Yes. Be prepared for the quirks, but it still rewards its driver in a way the average hatch can only dream of.

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