The MG's lines are not the sort of design to inspire real desirability, but few cars in this class can lay claim to that sort of appeal, and the MG 6 is certainly fresh and current in its appearance.

The swooping fastback rear end works well from most angles, even if the high-set rear lights can look a bit awkward, and the tapering front lights and angular black grille also work well. The Magnette saloon is marginally less convincing.

The MG 6 is fresh and current in its appearance

All these elements go some way to masking the size of the 6, which, MG claims, allows the car to straddle the C and D segments. At 4.65 metres long, it does sit conveniently between the 4.4-metre Focus and the 4.8-metre Mondeo, but price will define its market position in the minds of the vast majority of buyers.

With a range that starts at around £15,500 and stretches to £19,000 for the top-spec model, the MG 6 sits in prime C-segment territory


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