Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

There are several reasons to buy the S580e over its non-hybrid S-Class brethren, as well as over rivals. For company car drivers, it’s the only model in the line-up whose BIK rate isn’t the maximum 37%. In fact, it’s far lower, at just 8%.

Additionally, the PHEV S-Class has the kind of electric range that can really make a difference. A day’s chauffeuring around London could realistically be done on the 45 miles or so of real-world range the car’s sizeable battery pack provides, and besides the benefits to fuel consumption, the S580e cuts an extra-refined figure when its powertrain is operating in silence.

Extra-long S580e should hold its value better than close rivals, though an updated 7 Series arrives imminently

Neither the PHEV version of the Audi A8 nor the BMW 7 Series (admittedly, soon to be updated) comes close to matching the electric range of the Mercedes, although the new Range Rover P440e should be comparable and, while more expensive in terms of list price, is forecast to hold its value far better than any of the limousine competition. With an equally lavish interior, the big Brit is probably the closest rival the S-Class currently has, in all its various forms.

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