From £124,955
The S 65 is massively fast, desirable, powerful and depreciative.

What's new?

Mercedes, or more accurately AMG, has mated the all-new S-class with its mighty 6.0-litre, 604bhp and 734lb ft V12 bi-turbo sledgehammer. Aside from the masses of new technology of the S-class — and there’s enough of that to fill the rest of this magazine — this AMG also runs the latest version of ABC air suspension and new twin sliding caliper, composite brake discs.

What’s it like?

Excessive, undeniably, but there’s something absurdly addictive about having so much power and only needing to use a tiny fraction of it in everyday use. The V12 gurgles darkly at low revs, and hauls the S 65’s huge mass forward with stunning potency.

The 19-inch alloys fidget a little over bumpy roads, but the overall composure is as cosseting as you’d hope. The new brakes do the job, but the poor feel through the pedal can cause your heart to skip during high-speed braking.

Should I buy one?

No one needs a limo as fast as this, but we can’t deny the S 65’s appeal. Just don’t blame us when it depreciates by over £50k in the first year.

Adam Towler

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vw 9 October 2008

Re: Mercedes-Benz S65L AMG

this car is fantastic i own one and am addicted to going out for little drives! buy if you can