The C63 S’s 503bhp V8 likes a drink. Its 6.4mpg track economy figure is a fairly heroic effort, but its 26mpg test average is more representative. At a steady 70mph, it managed 34.2mpg, equating to a range of 497 miles.

At £78,023 before options, the C63 S Coupé costs quite a bit more than both the M4 Competition Pack (£62,580) and Giulia Quadrifoglio (£63,540). With carbon-ceramic brakes (£4285), AMG GT R-style alloys (£2395), AMG Aerodynamics Pack (£1260) and a few more extras, our test car came in at £92,223.

Mercedes doesn’t retain its overall value as well as the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, but both of them outperform the BMW M4

Mercs generally resist depreciation, so it was a surprise to find the C63 S isn’t expected to hold its value as well as the Alfa. After 36,000 miles and three years, it’s predicted to retain 46% of its original price to the Alfa’s 50% and the BMW’s 43%.

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