Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

The major interior architecture of the Mercedes C-Class coupé’s cabin is, unsurprisingly, retained for the Black Series, with one very notable exception. If you look over your shoulder, you’ll note that there are no rear seats. They can be put back in your C 63, as an option, but we suspect that most buyers will prefer to do without them and save the weight. It’d be a bold passenger who slinks behind those very supportive front seats, anyway.

Those in the front will find that their seating is located low. The driving position feels dead straight, and although we prefer our steering wheels to be round, the Black Series’ one isn’t too stupidly cut top and bottom.

In short, the Black Series’ cabin feels convincingly like a place where you could conduct pretty serious business, yet it also retains enough comforts that a cross-country hack or a late-evening motorway crawl home from a track day will not become too much of a chore. Certainly, none of our testers ever found it a wearing experience.

And in the unlikely event that your journey does get too boring, the Black Series has a very neat touch: the ability to record, data log and replay your laps back to you – hours of amusement while you wait for a fresh pair of rear tyres to arrive.