From £27,0807

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Officially, the CX-7 is good for 37.7mpg on the European combined cycle and has a CO2 rating of 199g/km. Urban driving is rated at 31mpg, so in the real-world you should achieve the high 20s, which would be a pretty good result for a car of this size.

As well as being limited on engine and gearbox options, there’s just a single, high spec level, so buying a CX-7 doesn’t involve too much decision making. At £27,580 it’s competitively priced against the Audi Q5 2.0 TDI or Land Rover Freelander TD4.

The Mazda is competitively priced, but there are more economical options in the segment

However, the 170bhp diesel Q5 is only £1500 more expensive, returns 45.6mpg and has a CO2 rating of just 163g/km. Better residuals for the Audi and lower running costs (in both fuel and road tax) make it a better ownership prospect. The same could be said for the Freelander, although it could be argued that both these cars are half a size smaller than the CX-7.