In short, the Mazda 2 is a cracking car and still great fun to drive despite a very slight softening of the suspension, which introduced for the facelift version for the 2011 model year. Changes to the suspension bushes were directly intended to smooth out the ride in certain conditions.  

The steering is quick and direct, and the ride pliant and composed. Yes, it will thump and bang a bit over urban potholes but frankly we’d be surprised if it didn’t. From the first few yards, the Mazda 2 comes across as a sweet, easy-to-drive car with foolproof controls and steering that seems unusually accurate and reluctant to load up in hard corners (especially considering its all-electric power assistance).  

The 2 is tremendous fun through the bends

Best of all, it feels sporty; there’s negligible body roll despite the reasonably relaxed suspension rates, and the car tucks in neatly if you throttle off mid-corner near the limit.  

Faults? The brake pedal can seem rather spongy (though retardation is fine) and we’ll reserve judgement on the car’s ride when fully laden, because lighter cars sometimes get unruly.