From £81,7358
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Reliability is an area where Maseratis have traditionally fared poorly, but the company reckons it has turned a corner, even having its eyes on good JD Power survey results with the GranTurismo.

Whatever the quality and durability, don’t expect a GranTurismo to be a cheap car to service or run, even if our overall test average mpg of 18.3 is reasonable for a car of this type.

The MC Stradale is tough to justify, but it does tweak the already brilliant noise up to a blistering 11

If previous Maseratis are anything to go by, it will also struggle to return good residuals. Values will be strong at first when demand is high, but don’t expect this to last. If you are going to sell a GranTurismo on the used market, be advised to do it quickly.

That said, it is priced between the Jaguar XKR and Aston Martin DB9, and it will almost certainly be more exclusive. The MC Stradale, however, weighs too much and produces too little power to be considered alongside the most specialised performance cars you can buy for £110,000.