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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The £105,000 price tag of our top-of-the-range Premier-grade LS looks eye-watering at first glance, but it’s important to remember that Lexus gives you a lot of equipment as standard here that you’d have to pay extra for elsewhere.

Even an entry-level, £73,000 LS 500h comes with 20in wheels, LED headlights, a 12-speaker audio system and ‘around view’ parking cameras. Luxury trim is probably where the car is at its strongest on value, because it bundles four-zone climate control, a leather upgrade, Mark Levinson premium audio and heating and ventilation for all four seats and then delivers it for less than £80,000.

High-end Lexus is forecast to hold onto its value well, beating conventional S-Class and A8 in percentage terms

For the £105,595 of our Premier (Pleat) test car, you get a cabin full of Lexus’s richest materials, all of the latest active safety systems, motorised rear sunshades, massaging seats all round, a rear seat entertainment set-up with its own DVD/Blu-Ray player and more. A similarly equipped, fully loaded A8 55 TFSI quattro S line would be within a couple of thousand pounds of the same asking price.

We recorded better than 40mpg from the LS on our touring fuel economy test, attesting to the fact that the car can be frugal when driven in the right mode.

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