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Range Rover Sport

Charming and likeable luxury SUV offers polished Land Rover handling for a price

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    Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE

    The tweaked 2012 model-year Range Rover Sport is more powerful, more economical and a glorious way to cover long distances effortlessly
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    Land Rover Range_e

    The addition of electric drive appears to remove nothing from the Land Rover experience

What is it?

Range Rovers have long been fertile territory for tuning companies, and the latest is this, from Kahn Design: the Cosworth Sport RST 300.

Design specialist Kahn has developed a styling kit for the new range-topping Range Rover Sport HST that includes a carbonfibre bonnet, carbonfibre wheelarch extensions, all-new carbonfibre bumpers front and rear, and twin carbonfibre tail spoilers. It also includes lightweight forged 22in aluminium wheels that, Kahn claims, save 10kg of unsprung mass per corner.

What’s it like?

An acquired taste. Much of this car’s carbonfibre is woven into a distinctive check pattern and left lacquered but unpainted on its panels. The look is expensive and unusual. Like a footballer’s waistcoat, it certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, but for those who make up the customer base of cars like this, you can imagine that it could be very appealing indeed.

Inside this car Kahn reupholsters the seats, fits new kickplates, new dash materials and new instruments. It’s here that the firm’s affiliation with Northampton-based Cosworth Engineering also comes to the fore; there are Cosworth logos almost everywhere, even on the drilled aluminium pedals.

That’s because Cosworth is responsible for teasing an extra 32bhp and 118 lb ft of torque from Land Rover’s 3.6-litre TDV8 engine for this car. The extra power doesn’t have a transformative effect on the driving experience, but the extra torque’s noticeable. This car’s half a second faster than a standard Range Sport V8 diesel over the 0-60mph dash, 5mph faster at the top end, and pulls much harder between 2500 and 3500rpm.

Those bigger, lighter wheels also improve the precision and response of the car’s steering, even though they also add a harder edge to its secondary ride.

Should I buy one?

Do you like the way it looks? The Kahn Cosworth RST is certainly a niche car, and the near-£20k premium that the Bradford-based company charges for it over a standard Range Sport TDV8 HST narrows its appeal still further. But if you want your Range Sport to stand out, and you think Kahn’s styling modifications are flattering, there’s every reason to indulge.

We’d say the engine and wheel upgrades are worth having, but would willingly forgo the carbonfibre makeover they come with. But then there’s just no accounting for taste when it comes to cars like this, especially given that they’re designed to appeal to cash-rich extroverts with very little taste for accounting

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29 May 2009

Another sports tractor for insecure midgets :-)

29 May 2009

bonnet shutline meant to look like that? this is the end folks...the end of range rover being on my wish list.

29 May 2009

Quote: 'they’re designed to appeal to cash-rich extroverts with very little taste'.
Nothing more to add.

29 May 2009

That is truly, truly awful. If you buy this car, what are you saying about yourself?

Also, does Cosworth's engine work extend to anything more than an 'off the shelf' engine map? They only liberate an extra 32bhp from a 3.6 twin-turbo V8 that doesn't product that much power to start with.

Also, the add-ons look like they came from Halfords and there are far too many Cosworth badges around the car.

£80,000 would surely be better spend on the new 5.0 V8 Supercharged Range Rover?

I have never been a fan of anything from Project Kahn - it seems that all they do is put on some big wheels and then make the car a tacky mess of stick-on accessories.

29 May 2009

I doubt at the authenticity of the "carbon fibre" with the giant 1inch weave! At best it is a polycarbonate substrate with a check diecut decal under the lacquer, at worst it just the overlaquered decal. 20k would get you a nice fast car in addition to you range rover, without resorting to these mods!

29 May 2009

My penis isn't big enough, I think I'll get one of these!



It's all about the twisties........

29 May 2009

One for the extra-successful footballer, methinks.

29 May 2009

Range Rover bosses must read comments like this - which don't seem to be against just the Kahn but the RR in general - and shudder. I can't remember any part of the car market swinging against a niche so quickly as it has against big 4x4s in the last year.

29 May 2009

£80k ?

A week's (or more precisely 90 minutes') wages for its target customer ...

p.s - agreed the pretty pattern on the bonnet is not the weave created by the use of carbon fibre it is more likely "film insert moulding"

29 May 2009

[quote RobotBoogie]I can't remember any part of the car market swinging against a niche so quickly as it has against big 4x4s in the last year.[/quote]

It's just that the rest of the motoring public is catching up with us right-thinking folk at last.



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